Terms and Conditions

Car rental in the UAE under the driver licence of the Russian Federation and CIS countries

Our companys insurance company covers rentals under the rights of any state, including Russia and the CIS countries.

The price of the car already includes full insurance with a deductible. This means that in case of any incident in the absence of your fault, the insurance company will cover the costs. If you are the culprit in the accident, the insurance company also covers the costs by paying a deductible of up to 1500 AED, which is approximately $500 - the average cost of a deposit for a car.

In any case, to contact the insurance company and cover all losses, it is necessary to draw up a police report - POLICE REPORT - call the police and register an accident.

Deposit - deposit for a car

What you need to know!

Depending on which car you choose, the amount of the security deposit will differ and will be approximately 1,200 AED (about $330), which is returned to you 30 days after the end of the rental, subject to the rental rules specified in the contract.

It is not possible to rent a car in Dubai without a deposit. The fact is that fines from video recording radars arrive with a delay. Travel on toll roads will be taken into account when returning the deposit to customers. Travel through Toll Gates aka SALIK (Salik) 5 dirhams +0.25 fee

Possible damage, return of a dirty car, less fuel upon delivery are also taken into account when returning the car.

Keep the contract, which states all the terms and conditions of the car rental.

The deposit is refunded 30 days after the car is returned (after checking for fines and damages).

Returns at the company office - no commission

Return to another country using money transfer systems with a commission of 3%

Refund to a Russian bank card without commission at the Dubai rate

Return USDT without commission

Documents required for renting a car:

International passport / ID card

Drivers license

IDP international rights (optional)

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